For each of the following statements, please select your level of agreement.

(There is no right or wrong answer here. The best answer is the closest answer to how you actually feel.)

I set a personal example of what is expected from my kids.

I make sure that I adhere to important principles.

I follow through on promises and commitments.

I ask my kids for feedback on how I can best help them.

I try to build consensus around family values.

I never let my kids down.

I often talk about future trends that will influence our lives.

I describe compelling images of our future together.

I ask my kids to share their dreams with me about their future.

I show my kids how their interests could be translated into a career path.

I speak with conviction about what life is about.

I challenge my kids to test their skills and limits.

I influence my kids to try new approaches and see things differently.

I actively read and/or learn new ways to improve myself as a father.

When my kids face tough situations, I typically ask: "What can you/we learn from this?"

I have clear expectations about my kids behavior, performance at school, involvement in activities, personal development, and other spheres of life.

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